Bresser LED LH-600 36W/5.500 LUX Ringlamp + ac Adapter + 2 Batteries
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Bresser LED LH-600 36W/5.500 LUX Ringlamp + ac Adapter + 2 Batteries


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Bresser LH-600 LED photo/video lighting 36W - 5500 LUX + ac Adapter + 2 Batteries NP-750-4200mAh

A professional and reliable 600x0.06W LED video light with strong metal housing and a nice even lighting. The LED lamp includes a strong camera bracket supplied, which allows the most common cameras behind the lamp may be placed so that the lens by the opening of the LED lamp can be inserted. The outer diameter is 26cm and the inside diameter where the lens through which you can is 12.5 cm. The brightness of the lamp can be a handy dial infinitely adjusted from 10% to full. This lamp is ideal for portrait photo/video, macro photography and product photography. Below the lamp is a strong connection with bridge for placing the LED lamp on a lamp stand. The camera on the bridge easily in the desired distance to be placed.
The lamp includes a power supply and a 3200 K filter is supplied, so that this lamp in the photo/video studio easily employable. There are also 2 pcs NP-F750 4200mAh included which the lamp about 2 hours to burn.
The warranty on batteries is 3 months.

This lamp is including 2 pcs NP-F750 batteries supplied. 

- Ability 600x0.06 = 36Watt -5500 LUX-
- Color rendering index 95%
- Hours LED: 50,000 hours
- Beam angle 45 degrees
- 5500 °K color temperature (daylight)
- Including power supply
Weight 1380 grams without batteries and adapter
- Buitendiameter26 cm
- Diameter opening of 12.5 cm
scope of Delivery:
- Ringlamp
- Tripod connector with bridge

- 1x power Adapter 12V/5A
- 3200K filter
- 2x Battery NP-750 4200mAh

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Ražotājs Bresser
Garantija 2 gadi
Pieejamība veikalā: Pieejamas veikalā 3 - 5 dienas pēc pasūtīšanas

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