Duracell ActivAir 312 MF 6 x batteries for hearing aids

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Duracell ActivAir 312 MF 6 x batteries for hearing aids



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1 leaf (6 pcs.) Duracell hearing aids / implants - type 312 (PR41 / DA312) - MF Hg 0%.

The new, improved version - Duracell Activair - MADE IN GERMANY - extended the expiration date.

The original product leader in the production of solar cells and - of DURACELL .

Form: battery - Zinc air (zinc air)
Application: hearing aids, and other medical devices requiring reliable and efficient power supply.
Nominal voltage: 1,45V
Model: 312 (DA312N6) B3124, B347PA, AC312E, PR41, HA312
Quantity: 6 pcs. bateryjek
Capacity: 180mAh
batteries without content Mercury - Hg 0%


Why choose Duracell batteries aids?
Superb compatibility and performance current - check Duracell batteries in each hearing aid, a few also work with a modern hearing implants !
The high density of stored charge - the most capacious of all button batteries on the market, to 5x more energy in comparison to alkaline cells, 2x more cargo at the same size of the cell compared to cells lithium / silver;
The flat discharge - zinc air batteries offer Duracell constant voltage (+/- 0,15V) during the entire battery discharge;
Has the life - the batteries stored in the original container at room temperature. Behave more than 98% of the capacity even after 12 months ! Duracell Batteries can be purchased at the store , their nominal service life is approx. 3 years;
Safe and ecological - due to the construction of the cathode batteries are characterized by increased safety of use. The battery is hermetically sealed so that it is not possible uncontrolled increase in gas pressure in the battery (using a different type of battery, and in extreme cases may be over delamination and explosion of the cell);
Low cost of ownership - Duracell batteries thanks to long life, are cheap to operate - longer intervals between changes of batteries, causing visible savings.

Zinc-air batteries for hearing aids DURACELL were optimized to achieve maximum performance while continuously discharging constant current - thanks to surpass other similar solutions. In addition, we managed to provide a stable output voltage during the whole life cycle of batteries - not without significance for many medical devices.

Zinc-air batteries (zinc air) to Duracell innwowacyjne cells - the main component of the chemical reaction in the cathode is air-tight!

With the increased size of the anode material, Duracell batteries have the highest density of stored energy from all the mini bateryjek (2x larger than the battery silver). In addition, the batteries are working properly at b. The wide temperature range from -10 to 50ST. C.

Batteries are najpojemniejszych on the market (Duracell gives the minimum useful capacity).

An ideal choice for those seeking the highest quality battery for your hearing aid.

Each small backup battery is packaged in special protective packaging system for easy embedding in hearing aids (EasyTab) - all to reach the product to the customer fresh as possible, with full utility values.

Manufactured in Europe (made in EU).

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Ražotājs Duracell
Spriegums 1.45V
Pieejamība veikalā: Pieejamas veikalā 3 - 5 dienas pēc pasūtīšanas

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