NANGUANG RING LIGHT Lampa 40W, 5400K ar statīvu

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NANGUANG RING LIGHT Lampa 40W, 5400K ar statīvu


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74,95 €





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74,95 €


This ring light lamp is perfect solution for make-up artist and photographers to lit face while making portraits. Many customers use it also as source of light while making youtube videos. It is versatile product that fits to almost every purpose when you just need to have good quality lighting. .

Ring continuous lamp is also commonly used in macro photography. One of the biggest advantages of this product is that gleaming is almost totally eliminated – white balance meter in photo camera is not mistaken. This lamp also gives you Ra parameter at level of >90. That means it ensures high level of color reproduction.

Thanks to elastic arm it can be easily mounted on almost every photographic studio tripod with 16mm screw. Also thanks to arm lamp can be easily set on angle that will provide illumination that you really need. Construction of reflecting surface ensures high lighting performance and round shape causes even illumination of object. This high quality NanGuang ring light will satisfy both professional photographers or make-up artist and amateurs that are looking for their first professional source of light to studio.

Specification of ring light

  • power:
  • silver reflector width:
  • color temperature:
  • Ra parameter:
  • inner diameter:
  • lifetime:
  • mounting screw:
  • cord length:
  • power:
  • also included:
  • 40 W
  • 7,5 cm
  • 5400 K
  • >90 Ra
  • 24 cm
  • 6000 h
  • 16mm
  • ~ 2,8m
  • 230 V
  • 2 fuses and 2 aditional screws

Set contains

  • ring light
  • special ring bulb
  • Light stand 230 cm
  • elastic arm
  • 2 fuses
  • 2 additional screws
  • guranteee (proof of purchase)

Papildus informācija

Ražotājs NanGuang
Garantija 2 gadi
Pieejamība veikalā: Pieejamas veikalā 3 - 5 dienas pēc pasūtīšanas

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