TAMRON 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Sony E
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TAMRON 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Sony E



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E-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format
Aperture Range: f/2.8 to f/22
XLD and LD Elements
BBAR and Fluorine Coatings

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Capture the world from a fresh new angle with an ultra-wide-angle

The captivating 17-28mm zoom range was deftly designed to be the smallest size and lightest weight in its class — just 99mm long, weighing but 420g — while providing a large aperture. This lens is sure to add a new perspective to photographing landscapes, cityscapes, mountains and scenic vistas. On the technical side, strategically deployed LD (Low Dispersion) and XLD (eXtra Low Dispersion) lens elements thoroughly suppress chromatic aberration. Moreover, leveraging camera functions, it provides excellent optical performance matching the latest high-resolution image sensors from edge-to-edge throughout the entire zoom range. With this lens in hand you will capture the world from an entirely new angle.

Superior close-up shooting performance empowers creativity

The 17-28mm zoom features a MOD (Minimum Object Distance) of 0.19m at the wide 17mm end, rendering a maximum magnification ratio of 1:5.2. At the tele end, the MOD is 0.26m and the maximum magnification ratio is 1:6. You can easily get close for a powerful shot. Plus, you can produce soft expressions with a shallow depth of field distinctive to large aperture lenses by fully opening the aperture when shooting close to the subject.

High performance autofocus system means you’ll own every shooting opportunity

The AF drive on the 17-28mm zoom includes an RXD (Rapid eXtra-silent stepping Drive) motor unit to help you stay focused on the action. A sensor that accurately detects the position of the lens enables high-speed and precise AF, which is ideal when shooting continually moving subjects or recording video. Perfect for street shooting and grab shots of groups of friends. And with a focusing system that is both smooth and quiet, the new 17-28mm lets you shoot a video without worrying about picking up ambient drive sounds.

Important features

  • Fast Hybrid AF
  • Eye AF
  • Direct Manual Focus (DMF)
  • In-camera lens correction (shading, chromatic aberration, distortion)
  • Camera-based lens unit firmware updates
  • Moisture-Resistant Construction
  • Fluorine Coating


Photo / VideoPhoto
Fokusa VeidsAuto Fokuss
Objektīva Formāta PārklājumsFull Frame
Min Diafragmas Atvērums22
Diametrs (mm)73 mm
Filtra Izmērs (Circular) (mm)77 mm
Objektīva/Kameras Stiprinājuma veidsSony E
Attēla StabilizatorsNo
Max Diafragmas Atvērums2.8
Min Fokuss (cm)19 cm
Diafragmas Plāksnītes9
Garums (mm)99 mm
Objektīva Elementi /Grupas13/11
Tālummaiņas Fokusa Garums (mm)17-28 mm
Max Palielinājums (x)1:52 x
Svars (g)420 g

Papildus informācija

Ražotājs TAMRON
Mount Sony E
Zoom / Fix ZOOM
Fokusa garums 17 - 28 mm
Aperūra min. / max. f/2.8 . * . f/22
Garantija 2 gadi
Pieejamība veikalā: Pieejamas veikalā 3 - 5 dienas pēc pasūtīšanas

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