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Photo Studio Light Cube 40x40x40 cm




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40 x 40cm Photo Studio Shooting Tent Softbox Cube Box + 4 Backdrops


Soften and reflect light while eliminating glare and hot spots.
Seamless background for clean, elegant shots.
Removable front cover with camera lens slit.
Collapsible and portable, easy to carry.
Can be washed by water, easy to clean.
Free 4 backdrops (red, white, blue, and black).
It is ideal for shoot small and medium products, such as jewelry, toys, electronics, cosmetics and so on


Material of backdrops: Flocked cloth
Body size: approx. 40*40*40cm 
Package diameter: 19.5cm
Package weight: 377g

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Package Includes:

1 * Photo Studio
4 * Backdrops
1 * Bag

Additional Information

Артикул товара 00970
Manufacturer FOTOGRAD
Warranty 2 years
Availability in the store: Availability in shop after 3 - 5 days after order